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Everyone at Select Dental is wonderful! They always remember who you are when you call, and make you feel like part of a family. I feel like I know them all personally even though we’ve only ever spoke on the phone or via email. They usually place you in advanced but on occasion ask for last minute placements. I love it because I am always guaranteed work for the week even if I’m not expecting it. The offices they work with are professional and treat the temps with the utmost appreciation. If for any reason you run into an issue with a placement, Select Dental places the satisfaction of their temps on their priority list. I am very please to be working with them and hope to continue for as long as they’ll need me. Thank you ladies!!!

-E.G., Dental Assistant

SELECT provides a much needed service to the dental community. Whenever we call, even at the last minute, they accommodate our needs. Everyone is ALWAYS very pleasant and helpful. We value their service and efficiency!!!

-Dr. P | Schenectady, NY

Select Dental has provided my office with competent hygienists for many years.

-Dr. Jeffrey, DMD

Select Dental has been a good experience! So convenient to make extra cash on your days off/ vacation or even if you’re just looking for a few gigs here & there.

-Kimberly, Dental Assistant

Select Dental does an outstanding job getting the order filled. Even when I call on a Sunday PM or Monday AM in a panic they always find us top quality, professional workers. Terri also does an incredible job finding permanent employees. They are the best in their industry.

-Nothing But the Tooth | Hudson, NY

I was just thinking how grateful I am to have had the pleasure of working with such a professional and helpful agency. I have been working with Select since 2002 (or earlier) in that time I have been connected with some wonderful practices, I have gotten one full time job which I stayed at for 8 years, when a life change happened I left this position . Later when I was ready to pursue work again Select was there to help me. This time I acquired a part time position with a wonderful practice that met all my needs.! I am happily still there and loving it. It is always great to get a call from Select ! I love the diversity of going into other practices and learning something new or perhaps providing the office with some of my knowledge of a different way to do something. It keeps me on my toes !

-Patti Lynch | Danbury,CT

I’ve worked with Select Dental for about 5 years. The offices they send me to are pleasant places to fill-in for, and the pay they negotiate is quite agreeable. I’ve very fond of their current procedures of calling and texting, plus following up the assignments with an e-mail confirmation. I have gotten more temp work from their agency than any others I have used in the past and highly recommend them.

-R. Lambert, RDH | Galway, NY

Everyone at the agency has been very nice and professional. The assistants that came to help me were oftentimes called last minute and came promptly. It’s been a pleasure working with the agency.

-General Dentist in Mount Kisco, NY

Select Dental has always been very reliable and timely. I’ve been in situations where I’ve needed to reach someone from Select quickly to answer an urgent question and I have always been able to speak with someone. They will work to get a competitive rate which is awesome.

-J.S., RDH | Albany, NY

Select Dental has been a good experience! So convenient to make extra cash on your days off/vacation or even if you’re just looking for a few gigs here & there!

-Kimberly, Dental Assistant

Our office has been using Select Dental for over 17 years. We have always found their staff to be pleasant and reliable. We ended up hiring a few of the hygienists to be permanent staff members when one of our staff relocated out of state. As a matter of fact, they now work for Select Dental themselves!

-Dr. Kenneth Schwartz’s office | Schenectady, NY
Client for 17 years

Working with the staff at Select Dental Staffing is always a pleasure. They are quick to fill our staffing needs and always accommodating and friendly.

-Drs. Frele, Paiva and Hindin | Danbury, CT

Very patient while I was pregnant they found me positions that were fitted to my needs.

-Anonymous, certified D.A.

My experience with Select Dental could not have been more positive. To begin with, I filled out a form with my preferences on types of practices to be placed with as well as distance I could comfortably commute. These guidelines were always taken into account and I was always placed in offices which gave me adequate time per patient as well as being professional in their attitudes. Interactions with Select dental are personable as well as very professional. Primarily, they showed concern for me as a professional that should be treated as such.

-Kathleen, RDH | Mystic, CT

I graduated dental hygiene school in 2000. I have had the pleasure of working with Select Dental Staffing since my graduation. I have always been treated with respect and kindness by the entire staff. I am very thankful for all the staff and the hard work they have done.

-H. Daly, RDH | Waterford, CT

I have had rewarding working experiences with Select Dental Staffing. I have been placed in super nice offices and have never had a problem with collecting my fee. The staff is very accommodating on placing you with your desired areas.

-Michelle, RDH | Bethlehem, CT

I have been personally working with them for 2 months as a dental hygienist. I relocated almost a year ago from Albany, NY to Trumbull, CT. Almost as soon as I was able to be licensed in Connecticut, they were calling me about a temporary placement. I am hoping to get a permanent part-time position and I’m confident they will be able to help me. I have always found them to be friendly and helpful with any questions that I’ve had, and I would recommend them highly!

-Carol, RDH

I had to leave my job, it was not a good fit !! So I quit without any thing in place. I stepped out on faith. I signed up with Select Dental Agency and they have kept me very busy ,I am booked almost every day . I have been placed in very nice offices , offices that I wouldn’t mind working at . I am so grateful to have joined Select Dental, a proficient and very professional agency!

-R.S | Poughkeepsie, NY

I have been working with your company for about 6 years now. I am from Fairfield, Connecticut. I like working with your company because I get to meet new dentists and staff from different parts of Connecticut. The staffs are very friendly and helpful when I ask them a question about how they do something. I feel welcome and would like to work at the offices again.

-B.F., Dental Assistant | Fairfield, CT

I have been working with your agency as a dental assistant a little over two years. In the two years I have been with your agency I have met some fantastic people, made some excellent contacts, gained some valuable experience, and made great money. Anyone who is looking to maybe just work as a temp a couple of days, or maybe looking for long term placement, or new staff just getting started, I think your agency has something to suit everyone’s needs and I highly recommend you. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

-C.H., Dental Assistant | New Britain, CT

I was referred to Select Dental by a friend who knew I was looking for a dental assistant position. I looked them up online and was pleasantly surprised. I applied with them and was working as a temp within no time at all. I found them to always be efficient, courteous, and professional. I enjoyed working with them and for them. I strongly recommend Select Dental Staffing to anyone looking for work in the dental field. Thank you, Select Dental, for your help.

-Robin W, Dental Assistant | Sherman, CT

I absolutely love Select. I have and will recommend anyone to this company. They are the best at meeting the needs of others. I’ve been with them for some time now and I don’t have one complaint besides the fact that I’m working full time now ????. I’m very thankful and grateful to have found them. Thank you Mary, Sally, Terri, Stephanie and all of you !!!????

-Candace, D.A. | Troy, NY